I International Online Conference on Regional Science. Cities and regions in times of Covid-19

Sending posters

The poster must be in the possession of the organizing committee, for the purposes of its evaluation, before November 10, 2020. The poster must be sent by one of the authors, regardless of the number of authors participating in it.

IMPORTANT: remember that to send and manage your poster you must have previously registered, in addition, please, co-authors must also register.

Once registered, the person responsible for the poster must indicate, through their private area, the name and email of all the authors of the poster. It is essential that each co-author is also registered, otherwise their names will not appear in the program. It is requested that the information that the person in charge includes about the co-authors is identical to the one that said co-authors include in their registration form. If the person in charge has correctly added the names and email addresses, their communication will appear in the private area of ​​all the co-authors.
For the correct development of the virtual congress sessions, the authors will have 5 minutes to present their communication.

Rules for sending posters

To achieve a homogeneous presentation of the posters presented, they must use the following Poster in Word Model Template  or Poster in Power Point Model Template that they can combine according to the requirements of their research, although they must permanently maintain the header for said homogeneity and respect the following rules:

  • Only posters can be sent
  • The posters must have a maximum extension of 1 DIN A4 page
  • Creation tool: Word / PDF / Power Point
  • Final maximum weight of the poster image: no more than 2MB