XLVII Reunión de Estudios Regionales. Challenges, policies and governance of the territories in the post-covid era

Transportation and accommodation

Offered hotels:

Catalonia (****) 64,27 € 76,00 €
Tent Granada (****) 64,27€ / 75€ 70,00 € 80,00 €
Granada Center (****) 64,27€ / 64,27€ 70,00 € 80,00 €
Reina Cristina (***) 64,27 € 87,27 €
Don Juan (***) 47,00€ / 60,50€ 52,00 € 69,50 €
                                                 OA (only accommodation ) / BB (bed and breakfast)


Any request will be on request, confirming availability and prices.

You can manage other hotels in Granada, if you request other options.

Requests will be made by email to ugr@bthetravelbrand.com, Contact telephone number: 958653601

How to get to Granada

The bus station allows travel to and from Granada and the main Spanish cities, as well as connecting the capital with other nearby towns.

The train station communicates the city with Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, mainly. It also has connections with Almería, Córdoba and other destinations.

In Granada there is the Federico García Lorca airport, which has daily flights with Madrid and Barcelona, and several flights a week with Palma de Mallorca, London, Rome and Paris.

More information

RENFE offers a 5% discount (on all its rates) on its trains to Granada to all those attending the XLVII Meeting of Regional Studies, Congress of the Spanish Association of Regional Science.


To benefit from the discount, you must send us an e-mail to ugr@bthetravelbrand.com together with the proof of having paid the registration and we will send you the discount voucher as soon as possible.


Tickets on national routes of One way and / or Return with origin and destination to Granada with a 5% discount. Travel period between October 18 and 23, 2022.


Only people registered for the Congress will be able to benefit from this discount.


How to get the discount?


In case of acquiring the ticket in a Travel Agency or in a Renfe point of sale, you must present the discount voucher that we will send you once we receive your e-mail.

In case of purchasing the ticket online (www.renfe.com), you must:


1.- Select the train you want by checking any of the available options (Basic, Choose, Choose Comfort and Premium)

2.- In the drop-down of rates select the Congress / Events rate.

3.- Enter the authorization number in the box that indicates the authorization number (Not valid for discount code box).