XLVII Reunión de Estudios Regionales. Challenges, policies and governance of the territories in the post-covid era

Thematic Areas

  1. Growth, convergence and development.
  2. Competitiveness, efficiency and productivity.
  3. Economy of knowledge and geography of innovation.
  4. Globalization and territory.
  5. Location of economic activities.
  6. Sustainability, environment and natural resources.
  7. Demographic change, population and migratory movements.
  8. Inequality and social cohesion of the territories.
  9. Labor market and territory.
  10. Entrepreneurship and business dynamics.
  11. Tourism, culture and heritage.
  12. Governance and impact of territorial policies.
  13. Land planning, urban planning and housing.
  14. New frontiers in territorial statistical information.
  15. Methods for territorial analysis.
  16. S-TC University-Environment knowledge transfer sessions.
  17. S-JI.- Young Researchers Sessions: “I have an idea…”

S01 – The regional dimension of the twin green and digital transition.

S02 – Innovation, territorial development and public support.

S03 – Challenges in the construction of composite indicators for monitoring public policies.

S04 – Regional disparities in Europe and in Spain from 2007 to date. Evolution, causes and perspectives.

S05 -Population Decline and Income Inequalities.

S06 – Artificial intelligence, creative industries and robotics.

S07 – New approaches to the historical economic geography of Spain.

S08 – An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Municipalities.

S09 -Tourism as territorial development phenomenon from a business perspective.

S10 – Wine, wine routes and heritage: Three basic resources to promote territorial development.

S11 – Catalysts and “unintended” consequences of innovation.

S12 – Clusters and sustainability in times of COVID-19.

S13 – Supply chains and mobility of the population in the Valencian Community.

S14 – Generation of prospective scenarios in the New Rurality.

S15 – Input-output analysis and environment. Theory and applications

S16 – Spatial Perspectives in Cultural Economics

S17 – Special Session on Andalucía – CENTRA