XLIV Reunión de Estudios Regionales

Thematic Areas

1. Methods of spatial analysis, geographic information systems and big data

2. Growth, development and competitiveness

3. Territory, welfare and happiness

4. Population movements, inequality, poverty and inclusive growth

5. Economy of knowledge, creativity and geography of innovation

6. Globalization, foreign sector, foreign direct investment and interregional flows

7. Companies, entrepreneurship and business dynamics in the territory

8. Location of economic activity, clusters and value chains

9. Cities, metropolitan areas, mega-regions and networks

10. Sustainability, natural resources, energy and environment

11. Culture, tourism and territory

12. Labor market and territory

13. Territorial planning, urban planning and housing

14. Regional policies, urban policies and governance

15. Public sector and regional financing

16. Valencian Regional Science

17. University-environment knowledge transfer sessions

18. Young Researchers Sessions: I have an idea

Special Sessions

S01 – Human capital, creativity and social innovation in Spanish cities
Chairmans: Julia Salom Carrasco (Universitat de València) y Simon Sánchez  Moral (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).
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S02 – Industrial clusters, dynamism and business strategy.
Chairmans: Xavier Molina-Morales (Universitat Jaume I de Castellò), Pedro García Villaverde (Universidad de Castilla La Mancha), M. Ángeles Montoro-Sánchez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), y José A. Belso-Martínez (Universidad Miguel Hernandez).
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S03 – Water management in the context of the circular economy.
Chairman: Francesc Hernández Sancho.
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S04 – Creative Industries: Location Patterns and Growth Generation.
Chairman: Josep-Maria Arauzo Carod.
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S05 – Measuring spatial justice and territorial inequalities in Europe at local level (IMAJINE project).
Chairmans: Fernando Rubiera Morollón y Ana Viñuela Jiménez.
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S06 – Housing and macroeconomics: the regional effects.
Chairman: Paloma Taltavull de La Paz.
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S07 – Renewable energies and sustainable development: efficiency, environment and economic revitalization of the territory.
Chairman: María Jesús Ruiz Fuensanta (Universidad de Castilla La Mancha)
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S08 – The geography of innovation and knowledge spillovers.
Chairmans: Rosina Moreno Serrano (Universitat de Barcelona) and Ernest Miguélez Sánchez (Université de Bordeaux).
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S09 – Big Data in Regional Science
Chairman: Fernando A. López, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.
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S10 – Spatial processes at point level and spatial networks
Chairman: Fernando A. López, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.
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S11 – Strategies against the problem of depopulation
Chairmans: Luisa Alamá Sabater (Universitat Jaume I), Vicente Budí Orduña (Universitat Jaume I), José-María García Álvarez-Coque (Universitat Politècnica de València).
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S12 – Regions in Europe: Past, present and future trends
Chairmans: Andrea Conte (European Commission – DG Joint Research Centre Sevilla), Javier Barbero Jiménez (European Commission – DG Joint Research Centre Sevilla), Jorge Díaz Lanchas (European Commission – DG Joint Research Centre Sevilla).
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S13 – Regiones e internacionalización: la dimensión local de los mercados exteriores
Chairmans: Juan José De Lucio, Raul Minguez, Francisco Requena, Asier Minondo.
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S14 – Apprenticeships, Work-based Learning and Regional Economic Development
Chairmans: Teresa Torres-Coronas (Universitat Rovira i Virgili), Angel Belzunegui-Eraso (Universitat Rovira i Virgili), Josep Moreno Gené (Universitat de Lleida)
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S15 – Cultura, Creativitat i Innovació en les regions MED
Chairmans: Raül Abeledo Sanchis (Econcult – Universitat de València), Vicente Coll Serrano (MC2 – Universitat de València), Pau Rausell Köster (Econcult – Universitat de València), Marta Roig Casanova (Econcult – Universitat de València)
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S16 – Regional Resilience and the impact of Great Recession
Chairmans: Begoña Cueto, Matías Mayor, Patricia Suárez (Universidad de Oviedo)
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