XLV Reunión de Estudios Regionales: Respuesta de las regiones periféricas ante los cambios sociales, tecnológicos y climáticos

Transportation and accommodation


List of hotels proposed for the congress:

Accommodation Bulletin

Send to the Technical Secretariat:
Avda. Pio XII, 51 C.C. Ademuz 4th floor • 46015 Valencia
T. (+34) 963 107 189


RENFE offers a 30% discount (in the flexible rate) on its trains to Castelló to all attendees to the XLV Regional Studies Meeting, Congress of the Spanish Association of Regional Science.

To benefit from the discount, you must send an e-mail to info@aecr.org  indicating your name and surname and we will send you the discount bonus as soon as possible.

Tickets on national routes of Return and / or Return with origin and destination to Castelló with a 30% discount. Travel period between 18 and 24 November 2019.

Only those registered to the Congress can benefit from this discount.

Warning: it is a discount on a flexible rate, and that maybe you can find other cheaper rates but without the possibility of changes or refunds.

How to get the discount?

In case of purchasing the ticket in a Travel Agency or in a point of sale of Renfe, you must present the discount voucher we will send you once we receive your email

If you purchase the ticket online (www.renfe.com), you must enter the Authorization number (which you will receive by e-mail) at the time of purchase.

How to reach the UJI campus

See it on a map!

The Universitat Jaume I is located on a single campus,only 3 km from the centre of Castelló de la Plana. Thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, it enjoys a mild climate, which allows you to do outdoor activities throughout most of the year.


How to reach the UJI campus

In this section you will find the directions to get to Castellón de la Plana from the bordering provinces in your car, train or bus.


If you come from:


  • Motorway
    Approximate duration: 1 h 30 min
    Distance: 166 km
    We propose the following route: [google] – [guiarepsol] – [viamichelin]
  • Train
    Regional: Teruel-Sagunto + Cercanías: Sagunto-Castellón de la Plana (C6)
    More information: www.renfe.es
  • Bus
    The AVSA company offers a direct route service between Teruel and Castelló.
    More information: www.avsa.es.



  • Motorway
    Approximate duration: 2 h
    Distance: 188 km
    We propose the following route: [google] – [guiarepsol] – [viamichelin]
  • Train
    Euromed, Arco, Regional Express, Alaris, Talgo
    More information: www.renfe.es
  • Bus
    The company ALSA offers a direct route between Tarragona and Castelló.
    More information: www.alsa.es



  • Motorway
    Approximate duration: 1 h
    Distance: 76 km
    We propose the following route: [google] – [guiarepsol] – [viamichelin]
  • Train
    Cercanías: Valencia-Castellón de la Plana (C6)
    More information: www.renfe.es
  • Bus
    The company HIFE offers a direct journey between València and Castelló.
    More information: www.hife.es


You have already arrived in Castelló. Now, how do you get to the UJI?

Because the UJI is close to the city of Castelló and to the bus and train station, the urban layout of this part of the city, along with the wide range of means of transport available, allow you to choose between reaching the campus by public transport, by bike or by enjoying a nice walk.




The new reserved road transport of Castelló communicates every five minutes the train and bus station with the campus of the UJI. The TRAM is a means of electric transport, comfortable, efficient and sustainable, which has modified the travel habits of the university community.

Tickets can be purchased directly in the TRAM.

More information:



The Universitat Jaume I is connected in the different areas of the city through four bus lines. All have a bust stop at the train and bus station.

Tickets can be purchased on the bus.

More information:



If you want to move to the University with your car, on the campus you have large landscaped parking areas. We recommend that you sign up for the 4×4, 4 wheels, 4 people, the UJI car sharing programme. It will allow you to save and make friends. Share a car to come to the campus and contribute to a cleaner environment!



Servei Bicicas

The city’s bike lane network connects the train and bus station with the UJI. There are two free bicycle loan services at your disposal:
  • The BICICAS loan service managed by Cstelló City Council consists of an automated network of bicycle supply points for use in the city. You can check the availability of bicycles at each point on the Internet.
  • The Sports Service of the UJI offers a free bicycle rental service for the university community.



The short distance that separates the campus from the train and bus station allows you to get to the UJI by taking a very pleasant 15 minute walk, and about 25 minutes if you come from the city centre. The avenue that joins the University with the city has wide sidewalks and independent bike lane.


Castelló, city and province

Vista de Morella

Castelló is a warm friendly city with approximately 180,000 inhabitants that is located between the mountains of the Desert de las Palmas natural reserve and the Mediterranean sea. Along the coastal strip, the landscape offers huge areas of orange groves together with 120 km of excellent beaches, bathed by the warm water of the Mediterranean. As we go inland, the landscape quickly changes. Castelló is the second most mountainous province in Spain, and it possesses a rich cultural, historical and landscape heritage.

The city enjoys a mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate with averages of 27°C in summer and 18°C in winter, and it is one of the few cities where you can enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per year with a good temperature. This will allow you to do outdoor activities at any time of year.

Castelló has grown a lot in recent years and it is a city that is making steady progress towards the future, but without neglecting its traditions. Some examples of the cultural growth and economic development of the city include the UJI, the Auditorium and Conference Centre, the Museum of Fine Arts, the marina, etc., as well as the promising projects that are starting to be set in motion.

If you want to know more about Castelló, click here.