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Information for the workshop

Spatial data science using Python

By Professor Pelayo Arbués

Contents. During this workshop we will introduce the spatial data science using Python. We will learn how to visualise data in maps and an introduction to the most common techniques to analyse spatial relationships and other data prospections. Finally, we will explore some business applications using these techniques to deep into data mining.

Place of delivery of the workshop:: Computer room of the Library of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the UAM

Please arrive around 8.45am because you will have to register to enter the Library and this may cause delays in the start of the course.

In the Spatial Data Science training with Python we are going to work with Google Colab. It is a python notebook environment that has free Google computing resources associated with it. In order to access the notebooks you must enter with a Google account at this link. Through it you can access 5 notebooks and the presentation.


It is important that you keep a copy of the notebooks to be able to work on them and take notes if you consider it necessary. To do this, you can select them all and click to save a copy. Alternatively you can also enter the notebook and open the File menu> Save a Copy in Google Drive.