The XLVI Regional Studies Meeting that we had planned to hold from November 25 to 27, 2020 at the Autonomous University of Madrid, is postponed to 2021!!!


The Madrid Association of Regional Science and the Spanish Association of Regional Science are pleased to invite you to participate in the XLVI Regional Studies Meeting, which will take place at the Autonomous University of Madrid on November 25, 26 and 27, 2020.

The Regional Studies Meeting is the main multidisciplinary meeting point for regional science in Spain with international projection, mainly in Europe and Latin America. It is the main annual event that takes place in Spain in regard to the study, debate and presentation of academic works around territorial and regional concepts.

In the XLVI edition we will intensively address the issues related to the motto: “Full cities, empty territories”. We intend to incorporate into the regional debate the problems that affect the depopulated territories and with less productive activity. The agglomeration of the population and the production in cities and metropolitan regions often entails the emptying of other territories. This dynamic has demographic, social, economic, political, environmental and many other types of effects. It is not a new phenomenon. What is more throbbing is the social interest achieved by this problem and the novel alternatives that are currently presented to address it. The celebration in Madrid, the largest urban and metropolitan agglomeration in Spain surrounded by territories of other Autonomous Communities that suffer the relative decline in activity and population, allows a broad vision of the main theme of the conference.

We understand regional science as a point of confluence of multiple approaches. Although, it is usual to analyze the questions based on their economic development, placing the economy at the center of territorial policy decisions, it is also necessary to introduce other approaches to territorial development such as aspects related to population, geography, sustainability, among others. Issues such as demographic evolution are decisive in a society like ours, increasingly aging, and with a lower generational renewal rate. On the other hand, the problem of depopulation, widespread in many of the Spanish regions, has highlighted the need to face the demographic challenge from different perspectives of study. The need to provide the territories with development opportunities is to cover the gap between the peripheral spaces that receive less attention and the more central cities, while guaranteeing the differential elements of each other. Regional science must provide compatible and respectful solutions with the use of endogenous resources of all kinds. To this end, the XLVI Regional Studies Meeting is aimed at providing a broad, sensible and constructive debate on the different issues that are part of the regional scope.

On this occasion, the Regional Studies Meeting has outstanding collaborations with institutions such as the Joint Reserch Center (European Commission) and other institutions, as well as prestigious journals such as Regional Research / Journal of Regional Research that will make the congress a benchmark by opening Additional communication channels for submitted documents.

As the Organizing Committee, we want to invite you to participate actively in the XLVI Regional Studies Meeting. We are in Madrid on November 25, 26 and 27, 2020 at the Autonomous University of Madrid. We also encourage you to enjoy our city within the magnificent provincial environment. We count on you.


The XLVI Regional Studies Meeting is postponed to 2021 !!!


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Welcome to the XLVI Regional Studies Meeting


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